Why do I have “Undefined Users”?

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Sometimes you’ll see some weird activity going on in your Audience. Example:

Who are these “Undefined Users”?

There may be several reasons

  • They may be people who clicked on a Facebook Ad (JSON Code Generator), received a follow-up inside Messenger from you, but never replied or interacted in any way.
  • They opted-in through the Checkbox Capture tool, but didn’t reply to the opt-in message.
  • You use the Shopify plugin (or any similar plugin) which sends tracking info or other follow-up messages to your customers via Messenger, but they never replied or messaged back in any way.

To Become a “True” Subscriber

Remember, a person must engage in a conversational action for their subscriber info to be passed into Clever Messenger. As such, the more interactive your follow-up messages are, the better. Undefined Users still count as Active Subscribers and you can send them Broadcasts.

If they react with any kind of message to your Broadcasts or Flows, their “Undefined User” profile will be merged with their new real User Profile. As such, they will appear as a normal Subscriber! This means any tags or custom fields the “Undefined User” had will still be reflected in the merged User Profile.

This concludes the article “Why do I have “Undefined User”?” We’ll update this article accordingly if we find more use cases.

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