Why are earlier conversations on Messenger not showing up?

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If you’ve been having conversations with people from Messenger on Facebook for a while, you may sign up for Clever Messenger hoping you can pick up the conversation where you left off, and immediately have all previous conversations loaded into Clever Messenger automatically.

Unfortunately, that’s not how it works.

Clever Messenger work closely with Facebook’s Terms of Service, and one of the stipulations is that you can only message New Subscribers through Clever Messenger (e.g. people who start conversations with your page AFTER you install Clever Messenger).

That being said, if you are clever, you can find ways to encourage people to re-open old conversations with you. Sometimes it’s as simple as going back into the Facebook page manager, and use the chat to follow up manually on a conversation. Once they reply, they become a subscriber.

Another common misconception

People who “Like” (or follow) your page do not automatically become your Messenger subscribers. This is a common misconception. People need to give (explicit) consent in order for them to receive your messages, and a “Like” on your page does not fit that criteria. Moreover, if Facebook were to allow this, it would turn into a spam-fest really quick, so we should be glad this isn’t the case!

To learn more about Entry Points, and how to generate subscribers, please see this Article in our Capture section.

This concludes the article. As changes are made or new information comes available, we’ll obviously update this article accordingly.

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