What is Clever Messenger?

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Clever Messenger helps and assists you in building Messenger chatbots for your Facebook Page(s).

What can a Messenger bot do?

In short, a Messenger chatbot essentially is a Facebook Page that sends out messages and responds to users automatically on your behalf (based on your configuration). The basic functionality lets you welcome new users, send them content, schedule posts, set up keyword auto-responses (text, pictures, menus), automatically broadcast your RSS feed and much more. You create your bot in 2 minutes without any coding. Our Flow Composer makes it easy and fun to setup your Messenger chatbot. There’s literally no programming required – just connect your Facebook page to Clever Messenger and you’ll be up and running in no-time.

Grow your Messenger chatbot subscribers

Clever Messenger makes it easy to grow your Messenger audience by providing a complete set of tools to convert anyone into a subscriber. Whether you already have a following or just starting out – we’ve got you covered.

Send messages to your subscribers

Your message should be heard. With 82% (average) open rates, Messenger is the best place to make that happen. That’s x4 better than email! Here are some more cool statistics that show Messenger should get your undivided attention.

Automate your Messenger marketing

Nurture leads right inside Messenger with our automated Sequences. Clever Messenger will send messages based on user actions or a timed delay, so you can sit back, relax, and simply enjoy higher conversions.

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