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In Timezone Settings you set your Default Timezone. This may come in-handy when you do business in other Timezone’s other than your own. If you don’t set your Timezone in Configure, Clever Messenger grabs the Timezone you currently reside in when using the application.

Timezone Settings Overview

Important Tip about Timezone Settings

Set your Default Timezone here so that you don’t have to change every time you send out a Broadcast. As new features depended on timezones become available, we’ll always load the timezone you’ve specified on Configure as default.

In order to change Timezone Settings, click the drop-down and choose your desired Timezone. Then simply click “Save” so Clever Messenger remembers your Timezone.

Timezone Settings Usage

Your Default Timezone is used throughout Clever Messenger. The image above shows Broadcast picking the same Timezone that was chosen on the Configure Page.

This concludes the article “Timezone settings”, a brief summary of what you can do with Timezone settings.

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