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With Share you got the ability to share your entire page (and it’s settings, flows and more) as a template. You can choose to publicly share this with the rest of the community, or you can choose to privately share it with individuals like your friend(s) and/or client(s).

Share Overview

You find the Share option on Configure in the right part of the page.

How to use Share

Simply click on the button that says “Share”. This opens up “Share Page as Template”.

Inside “Share Page as a Template” you can specify all the details (required) in order to share your Page as a template. With Share you can basically share all your page settings, Flows, Sequences and more as template with others.

Share Page as a Template Fields

Enter the Template Name

  • Your template name. Be as descriptive as possible. This is shown on the main hub under “View more templates”.

Enter the Template Alias

  • Your template slug. We use this to properly pinpoint your template in the database. This is shown on the main hub under “View more templates”.

Enter the Template Description

  • Your template description. What’s your Template about? This is shown on the main hub under “View more templates”.

Upload Icon

  • This is an image you upload and will function as the Template Icon. This is shown on the main hub under “View more templates”.

Select the Template Type

From the drop-down you can choose 2 options:

  • Public – Show to Everyone
  • Private – Invited Users Only

When you choose “Public – Show to Everyone”: Your Template will be featured in the Main hub under “View more templates” after it has been approved by the Staff. Public templates need to go through our Approval as we want to make sure other users might not be effected by possible mistakes, or not following Facebook policies.

When you choose “Private – Invited Users Only”: Your Template can be shared with users you can personally invite. This will NOT be featured under “View more templates”. However, you can choose as many users you want to share your template with.

If you desire to Share your Page as a template then simply fill out all required fields and click on “Share This Page”.

This concludes the article “Share”, a brief summary of what you can do with Share. As new Share features come available, we’ll update this article accordingly.

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