Primary Requirements to Run Clever Messenger

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Clever Messenger helps you building Facebook Messenger chatbots. In this article you’ll discover the primary requirements to run Clever Messenger.

What do you need exactly?

There are only 3 things you need in order to run Clever Messenger.

You need a computer to access Clever Messenger through your favorite browser. Clever Messenger runs on every computer and every browser.

Since Clever Messenger is a cloud based software, you only need an Internet connection to access the application online in the cloud.

This means you’ll need an existing, or create a new, Facebook Page to set up its chatbot functionalities. You’ll need administrator rights on the Facebook Page in order to manage your chatbot inside Clever Messenger.

After you’ve got all things in place, you only need to tie your Facebook Page(s) to Clever Messenger. It’s really as easy as clicking a few buttons. Then you’ll only need to use Clever Messenger to drag ‘n drop your bot in 2 minutes – without coding!

Tip - tying your Facebook Page(s) to Clever Messenger

Login to the application here. The application will guide you in the process of tying your Facebook Page(s) to your Clever Messenger account.

And with this, we conclude the article on “Primary Requirements to Run Clever Messenger”.

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