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Pause allows you to – as the name implies – pause any automated messages to go out to your subscribers. Flows and Sequences are basically Paused entirely.

Pause Replies Overview

You find the Pause option on Configure in the right part of the page.

How to Pause a Chatbot

  • It’s as easy as clicking on the button that says “Pause Responses”
    • This temporarily disables the responses from your chatbot/page.
  • Simply click the button again if you want to Activate Responses Again
Important Tip about Pause

This feature has been brought to life because you might not want to have the chatbot do anything while you’re building out Flows and Sequences. If you weren’t able to Pause, users would see broken Flows, which is something you don’t want.

This concludes the article “Pause Replies”, a brief summary of what you can do with Pause Replies.

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