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This is where the magic happens. Sending a New Broadcast to your subscriber-base is super easy. You only fill out a couple of fields and click a few buttons. That is, if you have your Flow and Segmentation created already – if not, you need to create these first. No worries, it will all be become clear in the next section!

Sending a New Broadcast Overview

This is the Send a New Broadcast Page. As you can see the page is very clean and neat. We did this so you can send those Broadcasts out fast and easy.

In the next sections of this article we go over all the options inside the “Sending a New Broadcast” Page. We’ll cover all the input fields, drop-downs, and what you need to do in order to send a successful broadcast that plays well within Facebook policies.


In this section you discover the Settings part of the “Send a New Broadcast” Page. You learn more about Message Name, Selecting a Flow, Push Notifications, and Targeting your Audience.

Message Name

This is the name you give to your Broadcast/Campaign. This identifies the Broadcast you setup inside Clever Messenger, and of course is to be used for your own reference.

Select Flow to Send

This is the Flow you want to send you as a Broadcast. Most of the features inside Clever Messenger is build around Flows – Broadcast is no different. By taking this approach you’ll have way more versatility in how your Broadcasts are sent.

For instance, you can use the A/B split-test cards in your Flows to send a Broadcast that is split-tested. Then use the Flow Sats to get a more detailed and in-depth look in to see which part of the Broadcast is performed best. You’ll also be able to get more Detailed Stats on your Broadcast since Flows show you Clicks on each separate element.

  • In order to Select a Flow to Send, you click on the drop-down and Select the Flow you want to use for your Broadcast. If you didn’t create Flow for your Broadcast, you first need to create a Flow using the Composer.
  • When a Flow is chosen, the Preview automatically updates with the Message your Subscribers will see.

Push Notification Type

These are the Push Notification Types you can choose to send to your subscriber’s phone when they receive your Broadcast:

  • Regular Push notification
    • This makes a sound and sends a notification to a subscriber’s mobile device, it even vibrates if the subscriber’s phone allows to do so. Use it for important messages.
  • On-screen Notification
    • This sends a notification to your mobile device without a sound. Use it for regular messages that don’t require immediate action.
  • No Notification
    • When chosen, your broadcast doesn’t display any notifications. Use it for silently sending content updates.

Target Your Audience

You can send a Broadcast to all your Subscribers, or send to a Segment of your audience.

You create your segment in Audience > Segmentation. This where you can create targeted groups of subscribers based on data like: gender, tags, name, activity, language, timezone, etc.

Using Segments significantly speeds up your Broadcast setup process. For instance, you might want to send a Broadcast to the same Segment multiple times per week. With this setup you only have to create the Segmentation just once!

In order to use Target Your Audience, you click on the drop-down, and:

  • Select All Subscribers – to send to all your subscribers,
  • Choose a Segment – to send to a portion of your subscribers,
  • or choose Create New Segment (if you didn’t create a Segment yet)


In this section you discover the difference between Broadcast Message Types. It’s very important to know and understand this. As this keeps you playing by Facebook’s rules, and you stay compliant with Facebook’s Policies.

Subscription Broadcast

  • This allows you to deliver non-commercial content to your subscribers at any time you want. Use it as a conversational option to start a dialogue with your audience. Keep in mind, broadcast messages cannot contain any ads or promotional materials.

Sending a Subscription Broadcast requires you to specify a Message Type:

Message Tags give you the ability to send messages to a person outside of the normally allowed 24-hour window for a limited number of purposes that require continual notification or updates. This enables greater flexibility in how your chatbot interacts with subscribers, as well as the types of experiences you can build on the Messenger Platform.

Allowed Usage – No Promotional Content

  • Please note that Subscription Broadcast and its Message Tags are for sending non-promotional content only. Using tags to send promotional content (ex: daily deals, coupons and discounts, or sale announcements) is against Messenger Platform policy.
  • Read more about these Message Tags on Facebook.

Promotional Broadcast

  • This allows you to send commercial messages only to subscribers that were active (interacted with your chatbot) over the last 24 hours. Use this option carefully, you don’t want to annoy your subscribers with mass promotions.
Did you know?

Clever Messenger automatically filters all people who were active over the last 24 hours when this option is selected. Giving you that secure feeling you’re playing well inside Facebook’s Policies. You can further specify this group with the Segmentation you put into place under Targeting.

Follow-Up Broadcast

  • This can be sent after a Promotional Broadcast once the 24-hour window has been closed to remind your subscribers about your promotion. After that, you won’t be able to send them any promotional messages until they interact with your Messenger bot again.
Important Tip about Follow-up Broadcast

Don’t miss this chance – you’re given a ‘free shot’ to send to subscribers that didn’t take action, or did not see, your promotional content yet.

When to Send?

In this section you discover the When to send? part of the “Send a New Broadcast” Page.

Right Now

  • When you choose Right Now, your Broadcast is will go out immediately and is send to your subscribers after clicking on Send Broadcast in upper-right corner.

Schedule Broadcast

  • By selecting “Select Day & Time” you can schedule your Broadcast to go out in the future.

Timezone Settings

  • These settings allow you to consider your subscribers’ timezone.

Select Date

  • This is where you select the Date and Time for your Broadcast if you choose to schedule it to go out in the future. Once you’ve selected the Date, the Time part opens up, and this is where you can select the Time.

Time Travel

  • This option delivers a Broadcast at the scheduled time according to subscriber’s time zone.
Time Travel Explanation

Your scheduled broadcast on 11:00am AWST for subscribers in Australia, will be delivered to your London located subscribers at 11:00am UTC. 5 hours later the message will be delivered to your subscribers in New York at 11:00am EDT. Do note it can take up to 23 hours for the broadcast to be delivered to all your subscribers depending on their whereabouts.

Send Broadcast

When you’re satisfied, and have double checked your Broadcast settings, all you need to do is to click on “Send Broadcast” in the upper-right corner. That’s it. You’re Broadcast will go out according to your Settings!

You’ll be redirected back to the Broadcast Page where you can manage your Broadcast.

Important Tips about Sending a New Broadcast

Always try and personalize your Broadcast messages by using personalization tags. Use Emoji and GIFs to really make your message stand out. Engage your audience with some involving questions about themselves or about the content you want to send to them. Try to figure out their interests and tag them accordingly so you can create better Segments. Then reward engaged users with useful and interesting content.

This concludes the article “Sending a New Broadcast”, a brief summary of how you Send a New Broadcast. As new Broadcast features come available, we’ll update this article accordingly.

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