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M.me Links are an entry-point for people to your chatbot. Clicking on the M.me Link allows them to subscribe to your chatbot. Each message you create has its own M.me Link. In this article you discover how M.me Links work!

The M.me Link feature enables you to capture new subscribers and directly send a Flow when people become a subscriber. Each M.me Link will also send out any other message that is connected after the message the initial M.me link belongs to.

For instance:

  • i.e. If you send out the first M.me Link of a flow, the entire flow will be sent out.
  • i.e. If you send out the M.me Link of a 3rd message of a flow consisting out of 6 messages, only the 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th message will be sent out.

This is where all your M.me Links can be found. Each message you create automatically gets its own M.me Link. All your M.me Links are stored in the table at Capture > M.me Link Library.

The table will be empty if you didn’t create any message yet. In the next section you’ll get an overview of how the M.me Link library works.

Library Explained

In this section of the article you find what you can expect on the M.me Link Library page. Respectively, Message Name, M.me Links, Actions, Drop-down, Search, Pagination and more.

Message Name

  • This is the Message Name given to Message you’ve created in the Flow Composer. It’s recommended to use a Name that helps you to find your message back easily.

  • Shown in this column are your actual M.me Links. Clicking on the link will open a new tab, opens Messenger, and fires the attached message.


  • These are the Actions you can perform on an individual message, currently: Copy Link. Clicking on “Copy Link” will copy the M.me link of the message.

  • You can change the number of links you want to appear per page by clicking the drop down in the right-upper corner. You can choose to show either 10, 25, 50 or 100 records per page.

  • In the right-upper corner you can also use the search field. Search terms are applied to all data in the table.

Next/Previous Page

  • In the bottom right corner you can view the next page or previous page by clicking “next” or “previous”. This allows you to navigate through all your links.

In this section you discover what you can do with the M.me Links

Using your M.me Links is simple:

  • Copy the link and send it to who ever (or embed on a page) you want.

After a person clicks the link they will be automatically redirected to Messenger. This person will become a subscriber of your chatbot after they’ve seen your message.

You can preview the message that’s tied to the M.me Link by clicking on the row that holds the M.me Link you want to preview.

  • Click the row that holds your M.me Link you want to preview
    • Your preview will then open on the right side of your screen

You access the M.me Link Library on Page Level. You click on the Capture Icon (magnet) and a drop-down appears. Click on “M.me Link Library” to navigate to the M.me Link Library.

This concludes the article “M.me Link Library”, a brief summary of what you can find on the M.me Link Library Page. As new M.me Links features come available, we’ll update this article accordingly.

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