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The JSON Code Generator allows you to string of messages together. The output it will give you is a string of JSON code. This JSON code can be used with your Facebook and Messenger Ads. These Ads are an entry-point for people to your chatbot. And the JSON Code Generator assists in setting up these messages.

JSON Code Generator Overview

With the JSON Code Generator feature you can string multiple messages (up to 5 as per the Facebook limit) together and convert them into JSON code. It enables you to use your existing messages in conjunction with those nifty Messenger Ads. This saves you a ton of work, a better overview, as it gives you an easy way to set it all up.

JSON Code Generator “Library”

You’re adventure starts with the JSON Code Generator Library. We put the “” there in the headline because this is the only library that works a bit different when compared to other libraries inside Clever Messenger. You’ll find all your message you can use to compile a JSON code with stored inside the table at Capture > JSON Code Generator.

The table will be empty if you haven’t set up any messages (or flow/s) yet. In the next section you’ll get an overview of how the JSON Code Generator works.

JSON Code Generator Explained

In this section of the article you find what you can expect on the JSON Code Generator page. Respectively, Message Name, Actions, Drop-down, Search, Pagination, and more.

Message Name

  • This is the Message Name you give to your message when building a Flow. It’s recommended to use a Message Name that helps you to find your message back easily.


  • These are the Actions you can perform on an individual message, currently: View Message.

  • You can change the number of messages you want to appear per page by clicking the drop down in the right-upper corner. You can choose to show either 10, 25, 50 or 100 records per page.

  • In the right-upper corner you can also use the search field. Search terms are applied to all data in the table.

Next/Previous Page

  • In the bottom right corner you can view the next page or previous page by clicking “next” or “previous”. This allows you to navigate through all your messages.

Setting Up Your JSON Code

Generating a new JSON Code is easy:

  • Simply click on the checkboxes, in order specify which messages you want to include in your JSON code
  • Please see the image below for your reference:

  • Once you’ve selected at least one message, you see that the button “Select at least one message” is changed to “Generate JSON Code”.
    • Select up to 5 messages (per Facebook’s limit) to include in your JSON code
  • Then simply click on the button that now says “Generate JSON Code”.

A slider will pop out from the right which holds 3 items:

  • A button called “Copy Generated JSON Code”
    • Click to copy this code and use it when setting up your Messenger Ad
  • A button called “View Generated JSON Code”
    • Click to view the code
  • A Preview of how your message will look like

How to Access the JSON Code Generator

You access the JSON Code Generator on Page Level. You click on the Capture Icon (magnet) and a drop-down appears. Click on JSON Code Generator to navigate to the JSON Code Generator.

This concludes the article “JSON Code Generator”, a brief summary of what you can find on theJ SON Code Generator Page. As new JSON Code Generator features come available, we’ll update this article accordingly.

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