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With the Integration Settings on Configure you further specify how you would like to use your Auto-Responder and Webinar Integrations. This drop-down communicates with the third-parties you’ve activated in Account > Integrations. Integrations Settings on Configure only shows Auto-Responder and Webinar platforms’ details  that have been successfully submitted in Account > Integrations.

Integration Settings Overview

You find the Integration Settings option on Configure in the right part of the page.

How to use Integration Settings?

You simply click on the drop-down, and select the third-party tool you’d like to use for this Chatbot. When done successfully, this opens another drop-down. Inside this new drop-down you can select the List/Campaign of the respective third-party tool.

Integration Settings - Did you know?

These settings will be deprecated. We’re moving Integration Settings from Configure to the Composer. There will be a separate card on the Flow Composer which is solely dedicated to Integrations. This will offer a more seamless and better experience in how we’re going to handle Integrations.

This concludes the article “Integration Settings”, a brief summary of what you can do with Integration Settings.

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