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Integrating Mailerlite

In the next section you see how easy it really is to integrate Mailerlite.

  • From the main hub, click “Account” in the top-right corner near the “Home” button
  • From the drop-down, click on “Integrations”
  • This redirects you to the Integrations page
  • See the image below for your reference:

Integrate Mailerlite

  • In the section “Integrate Auto Responder” find Mailerlite and click on it
  • This opens up the area where you fill out your credentials
  • Once you’ve filled out the area with your credentials, click on “Submit”.
  • See the image below for your reference:

Important Tip about MailerLite

To find your credentials in your MailerLite account, you will have to go to your account and retrieve your API key from there.

Still in trouble? Please contact support at MailerLite

You integrated Mailerlite, now what?

We’ve got an elaborate explanation on how to use Auto Responder integrations inside Clever Messenger. You can find this article filed in the Automation Section.

To give you a brief explanation, you do this while building out your Flows with the Composer. There’s a specific card, just for this purpose, that allows you to ask for subscriber’s email, and when setup correctly, that email is forwarded to any of the services you integrated under Integrations, and automatically added to the list you specify under this card.

This concludes the article about the Mailerlite integration. As changes are made, or new information comes available, we’ll obviously update this article accordingly.

Updated on June 20, 2018

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