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I’m Banned and my Clever Messenger isn’t working!

Possible reasons that may have gotten you banned

  • You send mostly promotional messages, where the primary sentiment is “Buy this thing!”
  • You are using Messenger to promote “flash sales”, “fire sales”, or and kind of “sale”.
  • You send messages which get reported as SPAM by your subscribers

How to NOT get banned

  • Messenger is a conversational platform. To help you understand what Facebeook prefers, imagine you’re talking to your closest friends and family. What would you say to them? If you had something to tell them about, how would you approach it? That’s how you should write in Messenger
  • Make your messages interactive by nature. Don’t just say “Hey, I have this thing, want to buy it?” You need to be more clever about how you introduce your products and services.
  • Do content marketing. Clever Messenger is a wonderful tool for helping your subscribers get the information they need about your offerings. Help your subscribers understand how you can benefit them. Make it fun. Make it personal. Make it clever.
  • Help your customers. Some big sales agencies use Clever Messenger to have conversations with people who aren’t quite ready to buy, because they have concerns or need to have a few questions answered. Hard sales aren’t effective, and it won’t work on Messenger. It might also get you banned.

This concludes the article. As changes are made, or new information comes available, we’ll obviously update this article accordingly.

Updated on June 19, 2018

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