Flow Composer Cards – General Overview

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A Flow Composer card is an individual element in Flow Composer used to represent a single message. It’s message content can be text, audio, video and other types of content. You can link multiple bots to create a flow sequence based on various parameters.

Cards can be linked to each other using connectors,in-order to create a flow for your bot. They also help you to give an overview of the linking of the individual messages and the content of each message<Enter Example Image here>

Number and type of connectors

Any card can have any one of the following conditions

Some cards have only input connectors <Enter Example Image here>

some have only output connectors<Enter Example Image here>

and last category has both input and output connectors<Enter Example Image here>


Deleting Cards

All cards can be deleted by clicking the trash icon on the lower right corner of the individual card. Once a card is deleted, you will lose all the data it had.<Enter Example Image here>


Card Settings

All cards have their own individual settings, which can be accessed by clicking the cogs icon on the lower left corner of the individual card. <Enter Example Image here>

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