Finally! Clever Messenger is Open for Business!

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It’s been a long long night. And we finally got it fixed.

There was a tiny issue regarding page retrieval that worked just fine on our Developer server, but didn’t work on the Application server. The solution ended up to be quite simple – however, we spend around 6 hours to search for it. We eventually found it on some dark corner in the web over at StackOverflow.

But we’re back. Now for realsies!

You can login again and simply add your page using any of the wizards. Here’s a quick video that shows you how to do just that:

  1. Login with your details at:
  2. Create a New Blank Bot
  3. Specify a name and add a page.
  4. Done! You can now start building your chatbot!

It’s working… It’s WORKING!

Here’s small summary of ‘things’ we needed to do in order to give you access again.

  • Brushing any differences
    • We checked difference on database level of both developer and application server. Basically making sure they were all the same. There were quite some differences on some tables which had to be fixed
    • We added triggers to the database tables as well
  • Tested All Main Features and it’s Working
    • Surprisingly all worked from first shot (Yay!)
    • Newly created page successfully retrieved and connected
    • “Get Started” button successfully added
    • Triggers working perfectly
    • Default Reply working
      • Enable/Disable working
    • Welcome Message working
      • Enable/Disable working
    • Disable Entire Bot Working
    • Broadcasts working
      • Broadcast Stats working
    • Segmentation working
    • Flow Composer Cards Working
      • Cards stats working
    • All Capture Widgets tested again and working
      • Send to Messenger Overlays working
      • Checkbox Plugin working
      • Customer Chat working
    • Messenger Code tested and working

Bad News Changed into Good News

One last remark. We’ve also finalized the Post Engagement feature, our take on “Facebook Comments”. However, yesterday we’ve found out the innovation we wanted to implement is not allowed. Now, since it’s not allowed, we can now simply get rid of this shroud of secrecy regarding this new feature and innovation…

We found a way to Privately Reply to each person that Likes — or gives any other reaction —  to your Facebook fan page post(s).

Bad news is, while it might sound amazing at first… you probably can imagine this would be very prone to abuse. It also breaks all rules and policies Facebook wants us to follow. So on that note we decide we’re not proceeding with this feature “as is”.

Good news is, we can still use the Reaction(s) as a filtering system! Meaning we can have Clever Messenger Privately Reply to anyone who meets the comment criteria you’ll put into Post Engagement feature AND the reaction criteria if you desire any.

We’re fixing this as I type this message, it’s a small and easy fix. Meaning this entire feature should be ready soon.

This concludes the update. We hope you’ll have a blast using Clever Messenger, and if there’s any questions, concerns or remarks. Feel free to contact us! Enjoy!

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