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In order for parts (namely Send to Messenger overlays, Customer Chat, Checkbox Plugin, and other similar features) of Clever Messenger to work on your website(s) and page(s) you need to Whitelist your Domain inside the Configure tab. You can set up a 50 domains in total.

Domain Whitelisting Overview

You find the Domain Whitelisting option on Configure in the right part of the page.

How to Whitelist your Domain?

It’s as easy as typing in the domain you want to whitelist into the field and clicking on “SAVE”. A green toaster should pop-up, indicating a successful add of the domain. To remove the domain, simply click on the cross “x” behind the domain.

All features that need a Whitelisted Domain to work will always refer back to this list of domains you’ve specified on Configure. This means there’s absolutely no need to add this for each Capture Tool separately. Essentially, saving you time.

Domain Whitelisting - Did you know?

In order to provide you with the Best Live Previews of Widgets, we automatically Whitelist the Clever Messenger domain in the background. You can choose delete this domain from your Facebook page. However, this will stop showing Previews correctly inside the application.

This concludes the article “Domain Whitelisting”, a brief summary of what you can do with Domain Whitelisting.

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