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You can set up a Default Reply Message in the “Configuration” tab. A Default Reply is sent when your chatbot doesn’t know what to answer (e.g. no trigger keyword matches). Best practice for a Default Reply would be telling your users what they can ask about (what trigger keywords you set up) or provide them with a menu.

Default Reply Overview

Helpful information to include in your Default Reply includes:

  • Telling users Keyword Triggers they can use
  • Menu items in the form of buttons
  • Invite to talk with a human

To be frank, anything else that you think is important in making your user not get lost in your Chatbot. Keep in mind, everybody who sends in text or keyword that does not match your AI Triggers, your bot will send out the Default Reply!

The little toggle in the upper right corner of Default Reply allows you to disable or enable the Default Reply.

How to set up your Default Reply

Almost everything inside Clever Messenger is revolving around Flows. The Default Reply is no exception. In order to select a Flow that’s to be used as a Default Reply you need to create one (or select and existing one if you already created a Default Reply).

Select Create new Flow from the Default Reply drop-down:

This takes you to the Flow Composer where you can setup your new Default Reply Flow. In this case we created one consisting out 2 Text Cards and 1 Buttons Card.

And here is how it looks:

“Save” the Flow and navigate back to “Configure” again.

Once on “Configure” again. Navigate to the Default Reply drop-down and Select the Flow you’ve just created.

Then simply click “Save”. Make sure the little toggle in the right upper corner (as seen in the image) is enabled in order to make your Default Reply appear in your Chatbot.

You can also preview the Default Reply: to do so, click “Open Preview” next to the “Save” button. This opens up a light box with your Preview.

This is how it looks like: 

A well-chosen Default Reply may help you increase conversion rates and user retention on your chatbot. Especially when you use Personalization Tags and Emoji, so make sure to set up one for your bot right away!

This concludes the article “Default Reply”, a brief summary of what you can do with your Default Reply.

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