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The Configure tab takes you directly to the part where you can configure your Chatbot. Configure is where you set up your Greeting Text, Welcome Message, and next to other settings, it’s also where you whitelist your website domains, and Refresh Page Permissions.

Important Tip

If you need a more detailed explanation on how Clever Messenger’s Configure features work, simply click through on the links below the image.


Configure is usually where you want to be first, or at least be one of the first thing you take care of before going ‘Live’ with your chatbot. Basically, making sure your chatbot has the right configurations, setup the proper Greeting Text, Default Reply, and such. It’s also the place you want to be if you want to simply Share your entire Chatbot with another user, or Import a Chatbot from another page.

How to access Configure

You access Configure on Page level. Simply navigate from the main hub (where you can see all your pages) to the page of your choosing by clicking on the cog icon. Once Inside Dashboard of your Page, click on the “Configure” menu item in the left navigation bar. Please see the image below for visual reference.

This concludes the article “LiveChat Overview”, a brief summary of what you can do with LiveChat. As new LiveChat features come available, we’ll update this article accordingly.

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