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The Facebook Messenger Platform will allow your chatbot to send messages to a person only if they start the conversation first. To help drive this initial engagement, we offer a ton of entry points for people to find and engage with your chatbot in Messenger, Facebook, the web, and even the real world. There are multiple ways for people to become a subscriber to your bot.

Capture Types & Entry Points

Next to the ‘normal’ entry points, like a person chatting with your Facebook page on Facebook or Messenger, these are the features Clever Messenger will help you with:

  1. Send to Messenger Button
  2. Checkbox Plugin
  3. Customer Chat
  4. Messenger Code
  5. Post Engagement
  6. Links
  7. Messenger Ads & JSON Code

A quick overview of the types can be found below:


If you need a more detailed explanation on how Clever Messenger really helps you maximize your results from these “Capture features”, or if you want to actually discover how to use each feature and what it will do for you, simply click through on the links below the images.

Send to Messenger Button

Messenger provides a variety of easy-to-integrate plug-ins that bring users to your bot from the web. Messenger’s web pug-ins allow your user’s to choose to receive messages, open a new conversation, and more.

Discover Send to Messenger

Checkbox Plugin

Easy-to-integrate checkbox plug-ins that bring users to your bot from the web. Messenger’s checkbox pug-ins allow your user’s to choose to receive messages, open a new conversation, and more. Easily integrate-able with lead capture form, webinar sign-up forms, eCommerce check-out forms, and more!

Discover Checkbox Plugin

Customer Chat

The customer chat plugin allows you to integrate your Messenger experience directly into your website. This allows your customers to interact with your business anytime with the same personalized, rich-media experience they get in Messenger.

Discover Customer Chat

Messenger Code

They look cool, they are easy to customize, and they are a great way to bring new users to your chatbot from online and most definitely the real world. All someone has to do is scan the Code to start a conversation! Click here to see how it works.

Discover Messenger Code

Post Engagement

The Post Engagement feature allows you to capture subscribers from your Facebook fan page posts. People can give a reaction or comment to your post, and if they fit the criteria you desire, your chatbot will privately respond to them automatically. The person will become a subscriber after they replied to your first message.

Discover Post Engagement links can be added anywhere that hyperlinks work. They link people to your bot, whether they are on mobile or desktop. links also let you to track which links are most effective or invoke specific functionality when the link is opened.

Discover Links

Messenger Ads & JSON Code

You can easily point to a specific message of your chatbot using Clever Messenger’s JSON generator. Which basically generates a code you can use inside your FB Ads Manager in order to point a Facebook Ad to the desired flow of your Chatbot

Discover JSON Code

How to access Capture

You can access the Capture features on page level by clicking on the magnet icon in the sidebar. This opens up your available Capture features you can use with your membership level.

This concludes the article “Capture Overview” about the variety of Capture tools you can use in order to capture subscribers. As new capture features come available, or current capture features will be upgraded, we’ll add this to our platform. And of course, we’ll update this article accordingly.

Want to learn more about Entry Points? Read more about it on Facebook here.

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