Can I customize my Chatbot’s Messenger link?

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If you don’t have a @username setup for your Messenger chatbot yet, it’s definitely recommended to do so. It not only looks great, but it makes your chatbot easier identifiable and searchable.

When you have a @username

Next to your Dashboard, there are a couple of other locations inside Clever Messenger where you can see your Messenger link.

You can see it in your:

  • Dashboard
  • Configure
  • Analytics

When you don’t have a @username

This specific Link (pointing to your Chatbot) is defined by your Facebook @username.

To change your @username

  • Go to your Facebook Page and click “About” on the left panel
  • Then click “Create Page @username” and specify your @username.
  • Once saved, Clever Messenger takes your @username and it’s reflected inside the application after some time.
Important Tip about @username

If your desired @username is already taken (or not approved) you’ll need to choose a different one. Make sure the @username you’re trying to create follows the guidelines for custom usernames. That said, keep in mind that new Pages may not immediately be able to create a @username, and that your Page username may be removed because of inactivity.

Resources on Facebook

This concludes the article “Can I customize my Chatbot’s Messenger link?”, a brief summary of what you need to do on how to change your “general Link. As new @username features come available, or changes happen, we’ll update this article accordingly.

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