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Your Messenger chatbot is all set up and you even got your first subscribers. So let’s take it to next level! In this article you discover how to do Messenger Marketing with Broadcasts. We reveal a bit more about the Broadcast feature, and we explain every little details on the Broadcast Page.

Broadcast Page Overview

The Broadcast feature is one of the best marketing tools to share your content with every user right in their Messenger Inbox. It allows you to Engage your subscribers and reveal their needs and interests. This feature gives you a chance to start a dialogue with your subscribers instantly!

Here’s some of the ways you can use Broadcast:

  • Deliver a content to your subscribers and target it at a specific audience
  • Engage your subscribers to communicate with the Messenger chatbot or subscribe to a Message Sequence
  • Get to know your audience and segment it with tags depending on subscribers’ replies

The Broadcast Table

All your broadcasts are stored in Engage > Broadcast. The table contains your Completed, On Going, Scheduled and Failed Broadcasts. At Clever Messenger we don’t deal with Drafts as we have a more Clever approach in terms of sending Broadcasts. We’ve build almost everything around Flows. Which makes it all very easy and organized. This is covered in Sending a New Broadcast. Broadcasts sent to your subscribers are to be found on this Broadcast Page.

Broadcast Page Table Explained

In this section of the article you find what you can expect on the Broadcast Table.

Message Name

  • The Message Name is the Campaign name you’ve specified for this Broadcast. This help you to identify Broadcasts as the list grows larger and larger.


  • The Status gives you a quick birds-eye view of the Broadcast Statuses: Completed, On-Going, Scheduled and Failed.

Date Sent

  • This is the Date on which the Broadcast has been Sent.


  • These are the Actions you can perform on an individual broadcast, currently: Delete.

  • You can change the number of Broadcasts you want to appear per page by clicking the drop down in the right upper corner. You can choose to show either 10, 25, 50 or 100 subscribers per page.

  • In the right upper corner you can also use the search field. Search terms are applied to all data in the table. This means you can search for an individual Broadcast by typing the name, or only choose to show Completed Broadcasts by typing the word “Completed”.

Next/Previous Page

  • In the bottom right corner you can view the next page or previous page by clicking “next” or “previous”. This allows you to navigate through all your subscribers.

How to perform Bulk Actions?

You can perform Bulk Actions by clicking the check boxes – of the Broadcasts you want to perform Bulk Actions on – in the first column. From there you perform Bulk Actions like Delete Broadcasts, by clicking the Bulk Actions button in the right upper corner.

What do the Stats mean?

So what do the Stats on the right side actually mean? And what happens when you click on the numbers? You’ll discover it all in this section!


  • The number of subscribers Clever Messenger tried to sent the Broadcast to.
  • Clicking the number reveals all the User Profiles:


  • This is the number of subscribers that has actually received your Broadcast. Which means your Subscribers have opened Messenger but don’t open your Broadcast.
  • Clicking the number reveals all the User Profiles including the Delivery Date:


  • This number shows the subscribers Clever Messenger tried to send the Broadcast to but didn’t receive it for reasons revealed once clicked on the number
  • Clicking the number reveals all the User Profiles who failed to receive your Broadcast:


  • This is the number of Broadcasts opened, and presumably read, by subscribers.
  • Clicking the number reveals all the User Profiles who opened your message:


  • Clicks is the number of clicks registered in this Broadcast. At this moment Clever Messenger ONLY registers clicks that lead to other messages inside your chatbot. It does NOT register outgoing Link Clicks. This because Facebook doesn’t share this data.  We’re implementing our own Link Tracking system to make have outgoing Link Clicks reflected in the Stats too.
  • Clicking the number reveals all the User Profiles who clicked your button(s):

Alright, so now you know what Broadcasts can do for you. In Sending a New Broadcast you discover how easy it really is to send a broadcast to your subscribers!

This concludes the article “Broadcast Page”, a brief summary of what you can find on the Broadcast Page. As new Broadcast features come available, we’ll update this article accordingly.

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