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The Audience tab holds both Your Audience & Your Segmentation.

Important Tip

If you need a more detailed explanation on how Clever Messenger’s Audience features work, simply click through on the links below the images.


Audience gives an overview of all your current subscribers with details such as profile picture, first name and last name, date added, last active, paused replies, unsubscribes, and full user profiles, including – but not limited to – tags, custom fields, and entry points. You can also edit subscriber(s) using the bulk action, or choose to edit an individual subscriber.

Discover Audience


Segmentation(s) is where you create segments of your audience. These segments can be used throughout the entire app (where applicable) like flows and broadcasting. Segments are parts of your audience that meet your desired criteria. This segmentation feature allows you to hone in and fine-tune your message in such a way to make it more relevant to your Audience.

Discover Segmentation(s)

How to access Audience Page(s)

The Audience pages can be accessed on Page level. You navigate from the main hub (where you can see all your pages) to the page of your choosing by clicking on the cog icon. Once Inside Dashboard of your Page, click on the “Audience” menu item in the left navigation bar. Please see the image below for visual reference.

This concludes the article “Audience Overview”, a brief summary of what you can do with your Audience. As new Audience features come available, we’ll update this article accordingly.

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